easy on. easy off. infinitely adjustable.

the original accordion back strap

Easy on, easy off accordion back strap that’s simple to adjust while wearing. Comfortable, sturdy, and good for your back, too.

1-1/4" wide infinitely adjustable accordion back strap show open

This back strap is constructed from 1-1/4″ wide webbing and quick release clasp. available in two sizes: regular, fits most and has a 20″ maximum extension, plus longer, with a 28″ maximum extension.

1-1/4" Wide Back Strap

the wider accordion back strap

The 2″ wide strap offers extra support for your accordion and your back.

wider accordion back strap - 2-inches

The 2″ wide accordion back strap offers extra support for those sporting a larger, heavier instrument. Like the original, it comes in two sizes: regular, fits most and has a 20″ maximum extension, plus longer, with a 28″ maximum extension.

2" Wide Back Strap

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